Page 10 - Water and DSİ

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a) To ameliorate wetlands, to do investigation and planning studies or to have them done,
and to afforest areas for the purpose of erosion control so as to protect facilities constructed by
b) In order to recover waste water, to construct necessary facilities or have them
c) To check if hydroelectric power plants (HEPPs) in operation are operated according to
the water usage agreement, and to do every calculations and collection proceeds related to HEPPs,
d) To do studies concerning transboundary or boundary rivers within the context of DSİ’s
sphere of duties.
e) Except for international drilling wells or other activities for the purpose of aid or
organizations taking over operation and maintenance services of irrigation facilities, to train,
investigate, plan, prepare project, do consultancy work, do laboratory study, do control work for
local or foreign natural and legal persons at home and abroad in consideration of the payment of a
f) To monitor surface and groundwater as per their quality and to inform the Ministry of
Forestry and Water Affairs if surface or groundwater are polluted because of wastewater.
3–Incomes have been redefined especially contributions taken from HEPPs to be constructed by
private companies.
4–Real estates owned by Treasure or State shall be transferred to DSİ by Ministry of Finance free
of cost, upon the request of DSİ for its projects.
5–Without permission and without charge, DSİ has been authorized to utilize from State queries
to take any material that DSİ is needed in operations during natural disasters such as earthquake
and torrent.
6–In order that DSİ continues its activities more efficiently and effectively, two new departments
have been established as Wastewater Department and Hydroelectric Energy Department.
7–Electric Affairs Investigation Administration General Directorate’s studies of hydrometric
survey and investigation, geological and boring, dams and hydroelectric power plants (HEPPs),
runoff type of HEPPs, pumped stored hydroelectric HEPPs, and related cartography, all the
machine, equipment, and staff used in these studies have been transferred to DSİ.
Apart from the laws mentioned above, Law No.4373 related to Floods and Inundation
Protection which was enacted on 14 January 1943 and published on 21 January 1943 is also
indirectly associated with DSİ activities, but the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning is
the main responsible organization in activities on the risky and vulnerable areas of inundation.
1.1.4. DSİ’s Scope
DSİ develops technically, economically and environmentally sound projects (via either in-house
staff or outsourcing) by the activities summarized below:
Basic investigations and surveys;
gauging of stream-flow and groundwater level;
soil analyses and classifications;
agricultural economy analyses;
geological, hydraulic, geotechnical, and geophysical surveys;
water quality analyses;
hydraulic structures modeling;
physical and chemical analyses of construction materials
Survey and planning for river basin development;
Master plan and feasibility studies;