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DSİ-Statistical Bulletin Platform
7.2. Technical Research and Quality Control
Technical Research and Quality Control (TAKK) Department was established in 1958 and is
mainly responsible for research, development, training and quality control activities in subjects
related to DSİ to develop water resources in Turkey. TAKK is located at a distance of 25 km
from Ankara, on the Esenboga Airport Highway and covers an area of 55 hm
. Studies
performed by TAKK are outlined below:
Providing solutions for the problems related with hydraulic structures by physical and/or
mathematical modeling,
Providing technical supports to units responsible for design and implementation by carrying
out researches through physical, mechanical, petrographical, etc. experiments on various
structural materials,
Examining all kind of structural materials used in DSİ projects with respect to lakes, rivers
and ground water resources,
Solving the problems that DSİ faces in the field of soil mechanics and foundation
engineering through experimental studies and resources,
Examining the radioactivity level of surface and ground water resources,
Solving the problems that DSİ faces with hydrological and hydro geological studies and
researches by applying environmental isotopes techniques,
Establishing new quality control laboratories in the central regional directorates, field
divisions and field sections where necessary and also carrying out repair, maintenance and
calibration of laboratory test equipment,
Training the laboratory staff members employed by quality control laboratories and supports
them technically according to specified training activities such as courses, seminars,
symposiums etc.
Supervision of DSI Projects on site during the implementation phase on the subjects related
to the TAKK Department activities.
TAKK executes its activities as “accredited laboratory” in conformity with TS-EN-ISO 9001:
2000 Quality Management System within the standards of EN ISO IEC 17025. TAKK
Department executes following activities on the subjects related to DSI General Directorate
conformably to economy rules as well as in the light of scientific and technologic developments:
Laboratory and Quality Control,
Research and Development,