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Hydraulic Model Laboratory
The shape of the scour hole
Flow over spillway structure in
Konaktepe Dam Spillway Model
Concrete and Materials Laboratory
Sectional Directorate
It was established to perform physical, mechanical and petrographical experiments on many
kinds of construction materials such as aggregate, cement, concrete, chemical admixtures,
rubbers, plastics, geosyntetics, metals and rocks, to find solutions to the issues related to building
materials, and to carry our research on these materials.
Concrete and Materials Laboratory is composed of 5 subdivisions:
Concrete Laboratory,
Cement Laboratory,
Material Laboratory,
Rock Mechanics Laboratory,
Petrography Laboratory,
X Ray Difractometer (XRD)
FT-IR, Infrared Spectroscopy test device
Computer controlled
fluoresan/polarizan microscope
Soil Mechanics Laboratory
Sectional Directorate
It executes the solution activities to the problems DSİ faces in the field of soil mechanics and
foundation engineering by conducting experimental works and researches.
Soil Mechanics Laboratory is composed of 3 subdivisions:
1)Characterization Laboratory, 2) Engineering Laboratory (Pressure and Consolidation), and
3)Field Laboratory.
Particle size distribution
(sieve analysis)
Computer controlled triaxial
compression (UU, CU, and CD)
Computer controlled dynamic
triaxial compression apparatus