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8. International Relations
8.1. DSİ’s aid Actions to Sub-Sahara African Countries
With Prime Ministry’s Circular, a chairmanship of Bilateral Political Affairs General Directorate
of Foreign Ministry has been established and hereby actions to sub-Sahara African countries have
gained momentum. This chairmanship coordinates all aid actions to sub-Sahara African
countries. Being chaired by Bilateral Political Affairs General Directorate of Foreign Ministry, the
committee being formed by representative of all institutions meets every year and assesses the aid
actions to sub-Sahara African countries. DSI representatives participate in these meetings.
DSI aid actions to sub-Sahara African countries have been developed by DSI Geotechnical
Services and Groundwater Department in conjunction with Turkish Cooperation and
Coordination Agency (TIKA). With its equipment DSI has aided to some sub-Sahara Africa
countries by boring holes in their countries so as to extract groundwater for the purpose of
domestic water supply. These DSİ aid actions have continued Ethiopia, Djibouti, Niger, Burkina
Faso and Sudan. DSİ aid actions in Somali continue.
In addition, on the job training on water resources development in Turkey for water experts from
sub-Sahara African Countries continues at related DSI General Directorate Departments and
related DSI Regional Directorates.
• Groundwater surveys and geophysical researches for 40 well sites were conducted and 30
wells were bored through tender by TIKA in Orama and Seju regions. In the context of this
project it was planned to supply drinking and domestic water for 100 000 people.
• Water supply projects were prepared by DSI for 8 accommodation areas in East Harar region.
Having 9 km water pipeline this project ensured domestic water for 3650 people in the 8 villages.
• Preliminary survey report of Hamerosam pond in Harar region and application project of
Dachau Dam being prepared were sent to TIKA (Presidency of Turkish Cooperation and
Development). In the scope of this study one engineer out of our staff conducted technical
consultancy in Ethiopia during 6 months.
• 2-week-educational-program (theoretical information in the bureau and practical in the field)
were arranged for 7 engineers from Ethiopia and Sudan on preparing and applying groundwater
and geotechnical reports by General Directorate of DSI and its Regional Directorates in 2008.
• 1 air compressor and 1 water drilling machine equipment were granted to Sudan for drinking
water requirement of accommodation areas in Cordofan county as per Cabinet decision.
• 2 specialists were sent to Sudan in order to teach local staff how to use the equipment, and
then 3 wells were drilled for learning purposes. 13 successful staff members were awarded with
certificates at the end of the education.
• Since granted drilling machine was broken down for trouble shooting and maintenance, a
delegation consisting of 1 engineer and 2 technicians were sent to Sudan from General
Directorate of DSI in November 2010.
• Spare part list determined to make functional the water drilling machine is notified to TIKA.
• Upon the demand of Presidency of Turkish Cooperation and Development (TIKA) 3
engineers were sent to Djibouti between 15-23 May 2008 from General Directorate of DSI and
groundwater and surface water potential were surveyed via geophysical measures. Moreover
researches were conducted regarding dam, pond constructions and materials used in drilling
machines were analyzed. A detailed report regarding the issue was prepared and sent to TIKA.