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• 1 water drilling machine with its equipment was sent to Burkina Faso and at the outset of
2011 studies have started.
• Digging of 30 wells planned in the first phase was completed.
• Digging of 20 water drilling wells was planned in the second phase and a drilling team
consisting of 7 staff members was appointed for 2 months between 20.09.2011-20.12.2011. 3
wells were digged up till now.
• Totally 33 wells have been put into service of Burkina Faso peoples and also studies are being
carried out at the same time.
• In the scope of this project it is planned to ensure domestic water for nearly 200 000 people
through 50 drilling wells.
• Water drilling machine, compressor, water tanker, all equipment and staff was sent to Niger by
General Directorate of DSI in October 2008 and studies have initiated in January 2009.
• At the beginning totally 104 wells were drilled in accommodation areas in Niamey
surroundings and pomp fixings were carried out and put into service of local community.
• Within the scope of a new project 36 water drilling wells were drilled in Maradi region pausing
the studies at Niamey as of 15 May 2011. Up to now, 140 water wells was opened and serviced
for domestic water usage about 476 000 people in Niger.
• It was planned to ensure drinking and domestic water for 850.000 people through digging 250
wells up to the end of 2013.
• 1 Water Drilling machine and equipment was sent to Somali via Mersin port on 30.08.2011.
• 3 specialists out of our institution went to Somali for conducting groundwater survey in the
scope of determining preliminary, well and site locations during a month as of 05.09.2011.
• A water drilling team consisting of 11 members was appointed for digging 30 wells as of
12.09.2011 in Somali.
• 4 water drilling wells will be bored at first phase, later soon after solving the security problem
30 more wells will be bored.
• It was planned to ensure drinking and domestic water for nearly 500 000 people.
8.2. Institutional Memberships of DSİ
The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works strives to become effective in forming water
policy and perspectives in accordance with the interests of Turkey in the international arena by
membership of leading national and international institutions performing in the water sector. DSİ
became the member of the ICID, ICOLD, WWC and INPIM.
Work on development and restructuring of the National Hydraulic Information Network at DSİ
Headquarters has been completed. Within the context of Turkish National Hydrology
Commission (TNHC) activities, an electronic information network has been founded by
developing the current “hydrology e-group”, known as the “National Hydrology Information
Network”. A documentation and archive centre in which documents and publications is archived
in the International Hydrological Activities Unit at the Investigation and Planning Department of
DSİ, which is available for inside and outside users.