Page 11 - Water and DSİ

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General Director
Deputy General Directors (4)
Departments (15)
Regional Directorates (26)
Internal Control Board
Board of Inspection
Design of hydraulic structures (dams, hydroelectric power plants, irrigation and drainage systems,
water treatment plants, flood control structures, etc.)
Where necessary, execution of land expropriation as well as preparation of resettlement action
plans for people affected by dam constructions;
Preparation of environmental impact assessment (EIA) reports;
Propose inclusion of projects in the investment programs;
Preparation of contract documents and implementation of bidding for the works to be
contracted out to judicial persons;
Supervision of constructions;
Allocate water usage right to private sector for hydro power plants construction and operation
Transfer of hydraulic structures to the agencies concerned (HEPPs to the electricity authority,
water treatment plants to the municipalities, irrigation facilities to the irrigation organizations);
If not transferred, operation and management of the facilities; and
Necessary machinery and equipment in order to implement the above work.
1.1.5. DSİ’s Organizational Structure
The DSİ General Directorate is a three tiered organization. DSİ General Directorate including
Regional Directorates has been certified with TS-EN-ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System
at the end of 2006 by Turkish Standards Institute. Following the yearly securitization, this
certification is renewed by Turkish Standardization Institute in each three year.
The Top Management Level
Top management level of the DSİ consists of Director General and four Deputy Director
Generals assisting him. The Bureau manager serves as Secretary to the Director General. DSİ
headquarters premises are located in Ankara.
The Secondary Management Level
Central Units:
The Board of Inspection, the Internal Control Board, Legal Advisory Office and
some auxiliary services are central units of DSİ. The Board of Inspection executes and concludes
any inquiry, inspection, and investigation. Internal Control Board evaluates efficiency and
productivity of all kinds of sources used and monitors objectives and outcomes of the agency. The
Legal Advisory Office is responsible for giving advice on legal issues and proposing solutions to
disputes and disagreements by following DSİ’s legal procedure.