Page 12 - Water and DSİ

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1. Strategy Development
2. Investigation, Planning and
3. Design and Construction
4. Dams & Hydroelectric Power Plants
5. Water Supply
6. Wastewater
7. Real Estate and Expropriation
8. Geotechnical Services & Groundwater
9. Machinery Manufacture and Supply
10. Operation and Maintenance
11. Hydroelectric Energy
12. Technical Research and Quality
13. Technology
14. Personnel and Training
15. Support Services
There are 15 Departments located in Ankara. The 14 Departments are within
Headquarters Premises or premises near the Centre whereas the Technical Research and Quality
Control Department is located at the 25th km on Esenboğa Airport Road. Each department is
empowered with special duties to accomplish some important activities of DSİ. Please see below
for further details. The departments share all responsibilities of DSİ among themselves.
Regional Directorates:
There are 26 Regional Directorates roughly settled up based on the river
basin boundaries and dispersed throughout Turkey They execute their work on behalf of the DSİ
General Director according to annual and 5-year development plans as well as investment
The Tertiary Management Level
The Tertiary management level is Branch
Directorates and Chief Engineering Units
which work under the Regional
Directorates. They perform their duties in
respect of geographical areas. Some of the
Branch Directorates implement integrated
projects under construction. Others are
responsible for management of the projects
in operation.
Premises of DSİ General Directorate
Departments of the DSİ General Directorate:
1-The Strategy Development Department
prepares the investment program and financial
budget of DSİ. It puts the necessary
programs into operation in order to attain the
targets defined by the State Planning
Organization (SPO).
2-The Investigation, Planning and
Allocations Department
is responsible for
reconnaissance, master plan and feasibility
studies on technically, economically, and
environmentally viable projects for the
purpose of the integrated land and water
development of 25 river basins
works on final design,
application project, adjudication, and
construction of irrigation projects and small
4-The Dams & Hydroelectric Power Plants
works on final design, application project, adjudication, and construction of dams
and hydroelectric power plants.