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Prof. Dr. Veysel EROĞLU
Minister of the Forestry and Water Affairs of
Republic of Turkey
Main Water Issues in Turkey
Working under the Ministry of Forestry
and Water Affairs, DSİ is main
governmental agency responsible for
development of water resources all over
In terms of water resources, there are 2
main water problems in Turkey; Flood
and Drought. These natural disasters can
result in social and economic damages.
Scientific studies point out that as a
result of the global warming and climate
change, water related natural disasters
experienced in many countries have been
occurring more destructive with larger
scales than those happened in the past.
Impacts of global warming and climate
change have been intensified with each
passing day in the World and in our
region. These conditions add to the
weight of water administration in the
semiarid zones in which Turkey is
located as well.
When we look at past 10 years, we can
see that wet and drought years as
consecutive two or three years. Coastal
areas in Turkey receive much more
precipitation, e.g., annual precipitation in
the northeast coast is 2,500 mm and
hereby wet years may result in torrent
disaster in coastal areas. However, inner
part of Turkey receives least precipitation
e.g., annual precipitation in the central
areas is 250 mm, hereby drought years
may result in drought disaster in the
central area. Torrent and drought may
lead ecological degradation. Torrent may
result in soil erosion which may shorten
the life of water storage facilities. By
constructing flood mitigating structures,
Turkey was able to protect 1.4 Million ha
area from flood disaster and from soil
Excess rainfall may lead to flood disaster.
On the other hand lack of precipitation
for a long time may lead to drought
disaster. Drought disaster causes pressure
in using ground water resources,
reducing ground water table and even
using fossil groundwater resources. This
is the case in arid and semiarid countries
one of which is Turkey. This indicates
that much investment is necessary on
water structures in order to mitigate
damages of the flood and drought
DSİ has accomplished a great deal
towards completing facilities mitigating
the adverse effects of flood and drought
disasters. I would like State Hydraulic
Works to continue on achievements and
efforts for this challenge.