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Hydropower Development in Turkey
As Per Hydropower Installed
Capacity (MW)
Under Contruction
In Operation
On Development
Hydropower Development in Turkey
As Per Annual Hydropower
Generation (GWh)
Under Contruction
In Operation
On Development
Considering the environmental problems we face today, renewable energy resources appear to be
the one of the most efficient and effective solutions as well as for sustainable development. Hence,
clean, domestic and renewable energy is commonly accepted as the key for future life for Turkey.
Turkey's geographical location has several advantages for extensive use of most of these renewable
energy sources especially of hydropower energy. Due to the fact that it has limited fossil fuel
resources, a gradual shift from fossil fuels to renewable sources seems to be inevitable and the sole
alternative for Turkey. In the recent years, private sector has paid big interest to the construction
of micro or small hydropower plants pursuant to “Build and Operate Model”.
3.3. HEPPs Development through Regional Projects
In Turkey, regional development projects, which take precedence the development of land and
water resources on the concept of sustainable basis, have been integrated with other economic and
social sectors such as health, education, transportation, tourism, agriculture and industry. Its basic
aim is to eliminate regional development disparities by raising people's income level and living
standards. These projects contribute to social stability and economic growth of the rural sector as
well. Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP), Konya Plain Project (KOP), Eastern Anatolia Project
(DAP), Aegean Plains Project, Cukurova Basin Project, Coruh Basin Projects are some of such
kind of projects. Hydropower and irrigation undertaken by DSİ are distinct among the works
planned in the regional development projects.
GAP Region
In terms of hydroelectric generation today and in the future, the Southeastern Anatolia Project
(GAP) is the locomotive of hydropower energy generation in Turkey. Hydropower generation
potential (36.7 billion kWh) of GAP takes 17% share in the total of 165.5 billion kWh which was
found to be the economically viable hydroelectric potential. Nowadays the HEPPs in operation (21
billion kWh) of GAP are supplying 34% of total hydropower annual generation potential (62
billion kWh) whereas 10% of the total electricity produced (211 billion kWh in 2010) in the
country. GAP in the future, will have a considerable impact on overall hydropower generation in
Turkey. The hydropower realization ratio in GAP has reached 60% within the project itself.
Although GAP has potential of 800 MW- 36.7 Billion kWh, %60 of hydroelectric
potential in GAP in operation.
%34 of total hydroelectric energy currently consumed in Turkey is generated by GAP
HEPP projects.
When GAP hydroelectric energy projects are completed, 4 Billion US$ will be
contributed annually to the National Economy.