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Director General of State Hydraulic Works
DSİ General Directorate is a prime
government agency responsible for
planning and constructing facilities for
utilization of water resources and for
mitigation the effects of water related
DSİ mainly serve to 3 sectors; by water
storage facilities and hydroelectric power
plants to energy sector, by water storage
facilities and irrigation canals to
agricultural sector, and water storage
facilities and treatment plants to services
DSİ is harnessing surface water resources
by taming rivers and groundwater
resources by using safe yield. DSİ plans
and constructs facilities in order not only
to utilize water resources but also to
mitigate adverse effects of water related
disasters. Most of the time, dams have
multipurpose functions. A dam may have
4 functions; irrigation, hydropower,
water supply, and flood protection. As a
matter a fact, almost every dam has flood
protection function. Other flood
protection facilities, such as, check dams,
soil saving dams, grade stabilizing
structures, cross-checks not only serve
mitigation adverse effects of sediment
and flood, but also serve utilization of
water resources since these facilities help
extend the lives of the dams.
Drought may arise from water shortage
and from the situation that water amount
could not meet the water demand. Water
storage structures are major insurance
facilities mitigating adverse effects of
drought disaster. Dams are important
water storage facilities enabling to store
water when water is more and to use
water when it is needed.
Drought is also important water related
disaster in Turkey. Agriculture in Turkey
depends heavily on seasonal rainfall,
especially for cereal cultivation. Although
5.6 million ha area has been equipped by
irrigation facilities by means of
investment realized so far, about 16
Million ha area is used for rain fed
agriculture. During the drought years,
agricultural production so reduces in
Turkey that Turkey has to import some
crops that are exported during the
productive wet years.
International Commission on Irrigation
and Drainage (ICID) 8
Asia Regional
Conference (ARC), main theme of which
is “Irrigation Management under
Drought Conditions” shall be held in
Mardin, Turkey in October 2013. I
would like to invite all interested people,
national and international experts and
professionals for being a part of this
organization of the ICID 8th ARC.