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Approximately 81% of total area is irrigated by surface irrigation methods (furrow, border, etc.).
The remaining part is irrigated with pressurized irrigation methods (sprinkler 14% and trickle 5%).
About 785,400 hectares area is equipped with sprinkler irrigation system of hand-carried pipes
which is widely used among farmers. About 280,500 ha area has been irrigated by drip irrigation.
In DSİ irrigation projects, mainly fruit trees are grown by using sprinkler irrigation and mainly
vegetables are grown by using drip irrigation.
Irrigated Area Characteristics
Waterlogged area:
320,849 ha
Area of salt affected soils :
46,055 ha
Flood affected agricultural lands :
Area under sprinkler irrigation :
785,400 ha
Flood protected area :
1,500,000 ha
Area under micro-irrigation :
280,500 ha
According to the canal types and their lengths, lined canals and canalettes are the major in the
inventory. Total drainage canals length is 23,925 km, 6,771 km of which is main drainage canals,
7,768 km secondary drainage canals, and 9,386 km tertiary drainage canals. Furthermore, 40,000
km service roads have been constructed to provide farmers with transportation service and to
perform operation, management, maintenance, and repair of canals.
4.4. Priorities of DSİ for Irrigation Projects
Land and water resources projects as well as their economic and technique feasibilities are
researched by investigation and planning studies. It is vital that proposed facilities are to be sized
in the most economical way because sources for the investment are to be used rationally. DSI
General Directorate investments are determined by taking into account ratability reports prepared
as result of investigation and planning studies. When preparing investment programs, DSİ
evaluates prospective irrigation projects according to the following requirements:
Comparison of Water Consumptions of on-farm Irrigation
in Modern and Traditional Irrigation Methods
Wild Irrigation 10,000
Sprinkler Irrigation 6,000
Trickle Irrigation 4,000