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For solving the problems regarding irrigation unions, determined after the research and analysis
carried out for 15 years since 1993, the need emerged for a separate “Irrigation Unions Law” in
order to realize sustainable irrigation industry, controllable and transparent structure of the union.
Afterwards the intensive studies held between 2008-2011, 6172 numbered Irrigation Unions Law
was put into force on 22.03.2011 soon after being published at Official Journal numbered 27882.
Changes and innovations by this law can be set out as follows:
1-Establishment process and founder members
2- Establishment of assembly of WUAs
3-Preperation of budget and coming into effect
4-Determination of tariffs
5-Personel employment
Imposition of a penalty
8- Special arrangement on energy consumption as well as repair and maintenance
Some articles of irrigation unions law presenting changes and innovations
1. The running of unions shall be provided according to “Union Frame Main Status” which will be
determined by DSİ. (Article 4-1. Item)
2. Duty area is restricted with irrigation area. (Article 3-1. Item)
3. The foundation of the union begins with the application of at least 5 persons utilizing from the
irrigation and form Establishment Committee. (Article 4-1 Item)
4. The irrigation unions will only deal with irrigation facility. They will have the authority of the
institution which takes over (DSİ) within the scope of transfer contract. (Article 4-2 Item)
5. At least 18 water user members are needed to become official as a union. (Article 5-2 Item)
6. Those who give up water user identity shall be excluded from the membership by Executive
Committee and under other circumstances denoted at the Law, by Assembly decision. (Article 4-11
7. The number of assembly members will be determined according to the irrigation area having at
least two farmers as members at each accommodation site. (Article 6-4 Items)
8. It is estimated to assign assembly members for 4 years. (Article 6-7 Items)
9. Monitoring is established and it is authorized in supervision. It will have auditing powers in
terms of views, opinions, reporting, running and maintenance issues regarding the facilities of
union. Supervision and guidance regarding the facilities carried out by union and being among
issues within duty area of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, will be realized by a
supervisor assigned on the site by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas the (Article 17)
10. The assembly decisions will be taken by majority of the votes while the decisions regarding
internal and foreign loans by 2/3 votes of members. (Article 6-12 Item)
11. Water usage service cost will be determined by Union Assembly not falling under the tariff
putting into force each year by Council of Ministers. (Article 6-15 Item)
12. Forming a SUPERVISORY BOARD out of Union Assembly thus inner auditing will be
provided. (Article 8)
13. The members of Executive and Supervisory Board will be appointed for 2 years and the Head
for 4 years by the assembly. (Article 7, 8, 9)
14. It will be granted that 30% of the payment in GRAVITY irrigations and 15% in PUMPED
irrigations will be allocated to maintenance and repair and in case amount remains it will be
transferred to the next year and the energy cost at least for the former year in PUMPED
irrigations will be added to the budget as expenditure and this money will not be used for any other
purposes. (Article 7-5 Item)