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15. It is decided to prepare balanced budget. After confirmation of DSİ Regional Directorate, the
approval of the budget will be realized by Mayor. (Article 10)
16. Debt stock cannot exceed the final budget incomes. (Article 10)
17. The head and executive members who do not carry out the necessary procedures for collecting
the debts in time and accurately, will be responsible for the damage during their period. (Article 13)
The debts which cannot be collected in time shall be collected according to Bankruptcy and
Enforcement Law. (Article 13)
18. Staff expenditure will be disciplined, staff will be employed according to Labor Law, staff
charges will not exceed 30% of the budget, under urgent circumstances this amount can be
increased to 40% with the approval of Minister. (Article 14)
Travelling expenses of union staff will be provided according to Travel Expense Law. (Article 14)
19. The highest manager (director/engineer) employed will not be fired without the permission of
DSİ Regional Director. (Article 14)
20. It is given the authorization to apply Build Operate Transfer (BOT) and other investment
models to the unions. (Article 15)
21. The managerial and fiscal supervision of unions will be carried out by the commission formed
by governorship. The Ministry will realize managerial and fiscal supervision. (Article 18)
Unions can be audited by Turkish Court of Accounts directly. (Article 18)
22. Those damaging the irrigation facility which union took over will be punished according to
criminal sentence of damaging the state property. (Article 18-7 Item)
23. It is determined the utilization conditions of farmers who are not members of the union at the
irrigation site. (Article 19)
24. Existing irrigation unions will adjust their positions to this law within 18 months. (Provisional
Article 1-4 Item)
25. The transfer of existing permanent staff to the other public institutions will be realized by
maintaining their acquired rights. Contracted staff will go on to work in existing positions without
losing any rights. (Provisional Article 1- 2-3. Item)
Transfer of operation, maintenance, and management responsibilities of irrigation systems from
DSİ to Water User Organizations (WUOs) has gained momentum since 1993. While small and
isolated projects were being transferred before 1993, transfer activities began to include large-scale
irrigation systems after 1993. WUOs assume the responsibility for operation rights of the irrigation
facilities; they do not take the ownership rights of them.
Rationale of IMT:
- Decrease in budget and other assets,
-The reality that users often perform services more
economically, systematically, more swiftly, and
- Similar approaches in the world.
-Farmer participation and local management,
-Sense of ownership, and
-Decrease in operation and maintenance expenditures (staff, energy, maintenance, and repair
-More equitable, reliable, and adequate water distribution, and
-Solution of problems in each locality.
As of 2011, DSİ has transferred operation
rights of 2,181,738 ha to WUOs