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This 23 km in length facility has 3 water reservoirs (Topuzlu,
Valide and Sultan Mahmut). During the 18
century, the
facility was supplemented by what was called “Hamidiye water
way” used mainly for drinking water supply. In the period
1554-1963, the facility was further extended by Sinan with the
construction of Kağıthane water facility in Belgrad Forests.
Celebrated architect Sinan shaped the cultural topography of
Istanbul with his monumental works. Sinan‟s architectural contributions can also be found in
Edirne, including water facilities. Sinan designed and supervised the construction of
Taşlımüsellim waterways providing water to the city of Edirne from water collectors to the
northeast. These waterways join near Küçül Düllük village before reaching the city. Facilities
dating back to the late Ottoman era include the landfilled dam near Anadoluhisarı and Şamlar
Dam in Küçükçekmece. As a peninsula, Anatolia benevolently provided her natural resources for
the inflorescence and social-economic development of many civilizations mentioned above.
These civilizations in turn contributed much to the emergence of a universal culture. Our task
now is to add further to this culture reaching to us from the depths of ancient history.
The first dam built after the establishment of Turkish Republic in 1923 is the Cubuk-I Dam
constructed from 1930 to 1936 to meet water need of
Ankara. The rate in dam construction has increased
tremendously after 1950‟s, especially after the
establishment of DSİ (State Hydraulic Works) in 1954.
5.2. DSİ Domestic Water Supply Activities
The General Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi
Annan, said on “World Water Day” that “Access to
safe water is a fundamental human need and therefore
a basic human right. Contaminated water jeopardizes
both the physical and social health of all people. It is an affront to human dignity.”
Treatment / Chlorination facility
City Cistern
City Distribution
Water Source
- Upstream (Source) (Catchment)
- Groundwater
- Surface water
River (regulator)
Natural lake
Storage facility (dam, small dam)
Raw water conveyance line
- pressurized (pipe, tunnel)
- Without pressurized( canal)
- With gravity
- Lift (pumping station, force
main, forebay)
Clean Water Conveyance Line
Components of A Water Supply System
DSİ is not responsible for
this Stage
As it is known, the year 2008 was announced as “International Year of Sanitation” at the 83
General Meeting of Assembly of United Nations on 20
December 2006. To support the
International Year of Sanitation, UN Water Group determined the theme of year 2008, March
Water World Day as “sanitation” which can be defined as “precautions and their
applications to protect public health and to prevent diseases” It is aimed at raising public
awareness on sanitation and providing needed services to at least half of the population which are
lack of main sanitation facilities like clean drinking water and sewerage.