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The treatment plant will be put out tender by the
5-NEVSEHIR: In order to reduce the existing arsenic
rate in the domestic water under the limits, the
construction of the arsenic treatment plant is in
progress of completion. In order to meet the long term
water need of the city, planning stage is in progress.
6-SAKARYA: In order to meet the medium term water
need of the city to be supplied from Sapanca Lake, the Municipality continues the construction.
In order to meet the long term water need of all the Municipality command area to be supplied
from Ballıkaya dam to be constructed on Mudurnu stream is in progress. The planning work has
been completed by DSI in 2010. The project is in progress of completion. The construction work
was put out tender in January 2011.
7-SİNOP: It is planned to meet the long term domestic and industrial water need of the city to be
supplied from Erfelek Dam in operation. The urgent water need of the city has been met by
releasing water regularly form Erfelek dam, thus the existing water resources of the city are being
fed. Having being put out tender, Sinop Erfelek Dam treatment and the conveyance are under
8-YOZGAT: The long term water need of Yozgat, Yerköy and other vicinity settlements will be
supplied from Musabeli dam. Projects of the treatment plant and conveyance line are in progress.
Construction of the tunnel in the project is in the tendering stage.
9-BATMAN: It is planned to meet the long term water need of Batman to be supplied from
Zilek Sources and the application projects of application projects were prepared. The tendering
for the construction of water supply project was not able to start because there is no agreement
with the municipality.
5.4. Major Water Supply Projects
5.4.1. Istanbul Yeşilçay Water
Supply Project
With a view to meet the medium-term water
need of İstanbul, the Yeşilçay project has
been designed to convey water from the
Göksu and Çanak rivers in the Ağva region
60 km away from Ömerli Dam. At the first
stage, a volume of 145 million m³ of water
has been secured annually by Sungurlu and
İsaköy regulators constructed on these rivers.
The Sungurlu and İsaköy dams will be to be
constructed on the rivers at a future date, thus additional 190 million m³ water will be secured to
the city. The total amount of water to be conveyed to the city will be 335 million m³.The water
collected by Sungurlu and İsaköy Regulators goes to İsaköy Pumping Station, the biggest of its
kind in Europe. Then the water will go to the surge tank by means of the 2,560 m raising main.
The water then is carried by gravity through the pipeline to the Darlık and Kömürlük tunnels,
and reach the Emirli treatment plant, the construction of which has already been completed.
Thus, the demand for drinking water for an additional population of approximately 1.5 million
inhabitants will be met. The first stage of the system was inaugurated in May, 2003.