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5.4.2. Istanbul Melen Water Supply Projects
With a view to meet the medium-term and long term water need of Istanbul, the greatest project
to be developed to meet the municipal water demand of Istanbul is known as the Grand Melen
Project. The Greater Melen System will supply 268 million m³ of water per year at the Stage I. It
will supply 1.18 billion m³ of water per year at the end of the last stage, namely Stage IV. When
all the stages are completed, it will meet the water needs of Istanbul until 2040. About 190 km
length conveyance canal including 33 km tunnel will convey an additional annual 268 million m³
water to meet the potable and domestic needs of an extra 2.75 million people in Istanbul.
The project has been divided into 12 separate work units including Unit I consultancy services.
For the realization of the project, a loan of 94,783,000,000 Japanese Yen has been secured in two
parts from the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).
Istanbul Water Supply Projects
(In Operation) and
(Under Construction)
(Melen Conveyance Canal Total Length: 190 km )
SP : Contract Package SP 0 : Consultancy services contract package
SP 8, SP 9 and SP 10 : Steel pipe contract packages SP 11 : Energy supply contract package
The raw water taken from the Melen River intake structure will be pumped to Cumhuriyet Water
Treatment Plant which is under construction at Ömerli by means of a transmission line (190 km).
The other components of the transmission line up to Cumhuriyet Water Treatment Plant are the
construction of Alaçalı balancing reservoir, the Şile-Alaçalı and Alaçalı-Ömerli tunnels.
The Water Treatment Plant located on the north side of the Omerli reservoir will have capacity
of 720,000 m³/day. The treated clean water will then be conveyed by means of Cumhuriyet-
Beykoz Tunnel and Bosporus Transition Tunnels to Service Station at Kagithane or other
facilities to be constructed for this purpose.
Melen System Unit 1 has accomplished to a large extent. The remaining works are well in
progress in great speed. Of 11 work units, regulator, pumping station, force main of Melen
section, 105 km conveyance line, and energy supply of Melen section are over. In addition, the
completed parts of the Melen System have been linked to Yesilcay System so as to meet water
demand of Istanbul during the drought period. Melen system conveyed water to İstanbul via a
short link to the Yesilcay system in 2007. Bosporus Transition Tunnel will convey water from
Asian side to Europian side. The 3,145m section between Derbent–Beykoz shaft
of Bosporus
Transition Tunnel was completed by Tunnel Boring Machine on 2
May 2009. The section of
the tunnel to be excavated by mans of drill and blast is 2,378m, 2,067 m of which is over. The
excavation of the rest and steal lining of the tunnel was completed in 2010. The other tunnels on
MELEN Pumping
MELEN Elevated Tank
Treatment Plant
YET Treatment
YET Elevated Tank
YET Pumping
the Bosphorus Tunnel
MELEN Regulator
SP - 1
SP - 2
SP - 3
- 4
SP - 5
SP - 7
SP - 6
SP - 1
MELEN Work Packages