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treatment plant in Turkey is being constructed. When Melen Phase I is accomplished, Melen
Phase I by means of Yesilcay System will provide an additional annual water volume of 415
million m³ to Istanbul metropolitan area.
5.4.3. İzmir Gördes Project
İzmir Water Supply (Gördes and Caglayan) application project will meet the domestic and
industrial water need of all settlements of Izmir Metropolitan city until 2040. There are 114 km
conveyance line, 2 tunnels, 1 pumping station and 1 treatment plant within the scope of the
So as to meet urgent domestic and industrial water need of İzmir and to supply additional annual
59 m³ to Izmir, the construction of the 35.5 km conveyance line starting from water intake
structure in Gördes dam will be completed in order to link with existing Sarıkız Conveyance Line.
The conveyance Line Phase 2 is under construction.
5.4.4. Ankara Gerede Project
The scope of the Ankara Gerede Water Supply Project is that water collected and regulated at
Isıklı Regulator to be constructed on Gerede- Ulusu stream. The regulated water will pas through
31.5 km tunnel having 4.5 m diameter to meet the long term of the Ankara‟ long term domestic
and industrial water need until 2040. The regulated water will be conveyed with gravity to
Camlıdere dam constructed to store Gerede stream water as well. When the Project is over,
additional 230 Million m³ water to Ankara will be provided.
The 26,826,000,000 Japanese Yen finance of “Ankara Gerede Water Supply Project Phase 2” will
be met by Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) form credit no. TKP-18. The
Project was put out tender in December 2010. Having signed the contract, the work has started.
Of 3 tunnel boring machines, the first one is being installed. The second and third ones are being
conveyed to the site.