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campus located in Kalkanlı has been completed. The final approval of the Kumköy and
Serhatköy conveyance line has been accomplished on 13rd April 2009 and the conveyance line
has been transferred to TRNC Water Affairs Administration for the operation.
Ø450 mm
L=18.5 km
Ø550 mm
L= 4.0 km
Ø550 mm
L= 22.0 km
Ø450 mm
L= 16.0 km
Ø450 mm
L= 45.0 km
Dewatering Facilities
Pumping Station
KUMKÖY - GAZİMAGOSA Main Conveyance Line and
KUMKÖY-SERHATKÖY Line Renovation Plan
Ø800 mm
Renovation by Pipe
L=18,5 km
2. Water Supply Project via pipe from Anamur (Dragon) stream to TRNC
As of 2006, the population of TRNC has been determined as 265,100 people.
In order to meet
the long term domestic and irrigation water need of TRNC, the water supply project preparation
works in which the water will be conveyed from Alaköprü dam to be constructed Anamur
(Dragon) stream on Turkish side have been completed.
The water volume to be transferred from Turkey to TRNC is Annual 75 million m³ (2.38 m³/s)
about 38 million m³ (50%) of which will be used as potable water, the remaining 37 million m³
(50%) will be used in irrigation.
Within the context of the Water Supply Project via pipe, Alaköprü dam is under construction.
Geçitköy dam on TRNC side, the transition of the sea via pipe, structures on the lands on both
sides are in tendering stage. The project of the distribution network on TRNC side is in progress.
Works in the scope of the Water Supply Project via pipe from Anamur
(Dragon) stream to TRNC:
Water Supply Works in Turkey Side:
-Alakopru Dam and HEPP having 26 MW installed capacity to be constructed on Anamur
Dragon Stream, with 93 m height from foundation, with 88 m height from thalweg, with dam
type of Concrete Faced Rockfill Dam, with 130 million m³ water volume capacity.
-Conveyance Line with 23 km in length, composed of 1,500 mm diameter ductile iron pipes.
-Anamuryum Balance Storage having 10,000 m³ water volume capacity.
Works in the transition of the sea:
1,600 mm diameter High Density Polyethylene pipe line
with about 81 km in length, sustained 250 m lower than the sea level.
Works in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Side:
-Güzelyalı Pumping Station in Güzelyalı having 5 MW capacity,
-3,157 m length Force Main with 1,400 mm diameter ductile iron pipeline,
-Geçitköy Dam with 65 m height from foundation, 58 m height from thalweg with 27 million m³
of water capacity, and
-Geçitköy Pumping station with 16 MG capacity.