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6.1. Activities Concerning to Environment
Environment is a relatively new subject for Turkey. Article 56 of the Turkish Constitution in 1982
identified the concept of the environment. After the Environment Law was enacted in 1983, many
regulations came into force pursuant to Article 31 of the Law. These regulations, those concerning
DSİ are the Water Pollution Control Regulation and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
Environment sector grows together with socio economic development. EIA work regarding water
resources development projects is implemented or DSİ General Directorate Investigation,
Planning and Allocations Department has it done and coordinates it (e.g., Konya-Çumra III. Phase
Project, Mersin-Tarsus Project etc.). 7 EIA reports and 107 Project Promotion Dossiers are
prepared. DSI staff attended 900 EIA assessment meetings.
Pollution research projects and water pollution maps are prepared in cooperation with other
organizations. Environmental studies conducted by national and international organizations (Dams
and Development Projects, the Convention on Combating Desertification, and the Ramsar
Convention) are pursued. The necessary information, data and reports are prepared for water
resources quality monitoring (surface and groundwater in the whole country) activities.
The Convention on Wetlands came into force for Turkey on 13 November 1994. As of November
2009, Turkey presently has 13 sites (Akyatan Lagoon, Gediz Delta, Göksu Delta, Kizilirmak Delta,
Kizören Obrouk, Lake Burdur, Lake Kus (Manyas), Lake Kuyucuk, Lake Seyfe, Lake Uluabat,
Meke Maar, Sultan Marshes, Yumurtalik Lagoons) designated as Wetlands of International
Importance, with a surface area of 179,898 hectares. Ministry of Forestry & Water Affairs and DSİ
follows the ongoing activities and work together for the purpose of determining protection areas
around the wetlands defined. DSİ is a member of National Wetlands Commission. DSİ participate
in the meeting of National Wetlands Commission.
DSI has completed pollution studies on 30 river or lake basins and send the results to related
institutions. Some of these studies as follows:
Protection of Inland Water Quality, Porsuk River Pilot Project, 1978-1979,
Çubuk Stream Pollution Study, 1981,
Kurtboğazı Dam Lake Pollution Study, 1983,
Sapanca Lake Pollution Study, 1984,
Bursa Region Water Resources Pollution Study,1984,
Kırka Region Bor Study, 1985,
Water Quality Study at Natural and Artificial Basins,
(The lakes of Porsuk, Uluabat, Sapanca, İznik) (Supported by English Government), 1984-1988,
Sakarya Basin Planning (NATO supported and in cooperation with İTÜ), 1986,
Pollution Study and Water Quality Project of Sakarya and Seyhan Basins,1990-1992,
Keban Dam Lake and Basin Environment Project,
(Supported by TUBİTAK in cooperation with ODTÜ), 1992,
Gediz and Yeşilırmak Basin Pollution Study, Water Quality Project, 1991-1993,
Environmental Project of Büyük Menderes Basin, 1992-1994,
Ergene Stream Pollution Study, 1997,
Egrekkaya Dam Lake Eutrophication,1998,
Egrekkaya Dam Lake Basin Pollution Study, 2001,
Susurluk Basin Water Quality Management, 2000,
Water Analysis Methods, 2000,
Productivity Analysis on DSİ’s Water Quality Monitoring and Improvement of the Gauging