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Network I (TUBİTAK supported and in cooperation with 9 Eylül University), 1997-1999,
Productivity Analysis on DSİ’s Water Quality Monitoring and Improvement of the Gauging
Network II (TUBİTAK supported and in cooperation with 9 Eylül University), 2001-2003,
Antalya Basin Pollution Study, 2002,
Determination of chlorinated by products (THM) formation potential of Domestic Water
Resources managed by DSİ, 2001-2005, and
Pollution Study of Hirfanlı ve Kesikköprü Dams’ reservoirs and their basins, 2005.
Turkey adopts the principle of “Sustainable Development” and carries out integrated approach by
taking into account possible adverse affects to the environment in planning and managing of water
resources development projects.
DSİ attaches great importance to the protection of nature and
wildlife and conducts activities on “development of sustainable water resources”, both
independently and in collaboration with other related governmental and non-governmental
organizations. DSİ also provides technical and financial support to rescue our historical and
archeological heritage for the generations of the future. In this context, historical and archeological
heritage studies of Ilısu Dam & HEPP Project and Yortanlı Dam Project have been conducted by
DSI in collaboration with Cultural and Tourism Ministry.
Implementation of the Water Framework Directive Project is going on within the framework of
work directed at adaptation to EU regulations. The Büyük Menderes Basin Project has been
selected as a Pilot Project, and the preparation work for the “Integrated Water Management Plan”
for the Büyük Menderes Basin Pilot Project is in progress.
A circular has been issued in view to protect overall water resources. According to the circular,
pollution events witnessed by DSİ General Directorate Staff and DSİ Regional Directorates Staff
are being reported to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry by Environment Section
Directorate under Investigation and Planning and Allocations Department of DSİ General
EIA preparation course, DSİ wetlands seminar, and environment seminars are being organized for
DSİ General Directorate Staff and DSİ Regional Directorates Staff in view to update their
knowledge and exchange of information.
Projects Aiming to Conservation of Wetlands and Nature
Mucur-Seyfe Basin Ecology Conservation
Manyas Project
Sultansazlığı- Develi Project
Konya-Çumra III. Phase Project
(Hotamış reeds rehabilitation)
Uzungol Rehabilitation Project
Ecological balance of Bafa lake project with
Swelling rubber weir
Mogan-Eymir Lakes Torrent Control and
Reclamation Project
Tuz Lake Integrated Environment Project
Researches on Rehabilitation of Meric Delta
Re-organization of Hunting Lakes
Gediz Delta Conservation Project
Bat Conservation Project of Havran Dam