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6.2. Harmonization with Water Related EU Directives
Being granted EU candidate status at the Helsinki submit in 1999, Turkey has started to implement
substantial actions towards EU membership. Accession Partnership Document and Progress
Reports steers these actions. As per Progress Reports in which Turkey’s actions towards EU
membership are evaluated, National Programs are prepared in response to Accession Partnership
Documents in which Turkey’s expected actions in short, medium, and long term are set out.
National Programs 2001, 2003, and 2008 as well as Programme for Alignment with Acquis
covering 2007-2013 years are prepared in response to Accession Partnership Documents published
by EU in 2001, 2003, 2006, and 2008.
Concerning DSI General Directorate, 3 legal arrangements exist in National Program 2008 which
is the last programme. The first one related to DSI General Directorate is “Water Framework
Directive” anticipated to be enacted in 2011 so as to fill the gaps and to make up for the
deficiencies in the applications. DSI General Directorate has drawn a bill of “Water Law” in 2006
so that all related bodies put forward their views. Taking into account of views of all bodies
responded and the process developing, studies on the current draft are in progress in conjunction
with the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs.
The second legal arrangement in the 2008 National Program to be realized by DSI General
Directorate is “Safeguard groundwater against pollution and degradation caused by dangerous
materials” This regulation will be enacted to prevent ground water against pollution, thus
“2006/118/EEC Safeguard Groundwater against Pollution and Degradation” is to be aligned with
Turkish legislation. Drawing up legislation, which is under preparation by DSI General
Directorate, is to be enacted in 2011.
Conservation of Historical And Cultural Heritage
Hasankeyf New Historical Cultural Park Area
Conservation Works of Historical
and Cultural Artifacts
Completed Works:
Rescue Projects for the Archaeological
Heritage under the Keban Dam Reservoir
and Lower Euphrates
Archaeological Excavations under the Tahtalı
Dam Reservoir (İzmir)
Yortanlı Dam (Bergama) Pashaılıcası Works
Archaeological Excavations under Manisa
Gördes Dam,
Salvage Projects of Karkamıs Dam
Ongoing Projects:
Salvage Projects of Ilısu (Hasankeyf) Reservoirs,
Salvage Projects of 7 historical remnants to be effected from Deriner Dam Reservoirs,