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The other legal arrangement in the 2008 National Program to be realized by DSI General
Directorate is Assessment and Management of Flood Risk Directive to be aligned with Turkish
legislation. An EU project will steer how this legislation (law and regulation) is to be realized and
put into effect in 2011.
When the EU Accession Negotiations started in October 2005, a number of explanatory and
screening meetings were held in 2006 on Environment Section in which DSI is involved in terms
of water management. As a result of above-mentioned meetings in which DSI General Directorate
attended, the opening criteria have been determined so that Screening Result Report and
Environment Chapter set by EU Commission could open to the negotiations.
To fulfill to the opening criteria DSI General Directorate has made substantial contribution to the
efforts being conducted in conjunction with all related organizations and the defunct Ministry of
Environment and Forestry. Negotiation Position Document has been prepared in conjunction of
the defunct Ministry of Environment and Forestry following the EU Commission’s endorsement
of Strategy Document to which DSI General Directorate contributed. Environment Chapter was
opened on 21 December 2009 following the endorsement of Negotiation Position Document.
6.2.1. Projects Supported by EU Funds
As mentioned above, substantial actions in particular via projects have been conducted to align
Turkish legislating with the Acquis Communautaire after Turkey granted EU candidate status.
DSI General Directorate contributes not only to directly related directives such as “Water
Framework Directive”, “Flood Risk Directive”, and Flood Directive” but also to indirectly related
directives such as “Nitrate Directive” and “Strategic Appraisal Directive” being conducted by
EU Directives
Alignment Works in Progress
EU Directives Aligned
Drinking Directive
Directive of Surface Waters to be used for
the purpose of drinking
Safeguard groundwater against Nitrate
pollution and degradation caused by
Water Framework Directive
Safeguard groundwater against pollution
and degradation caused by dangerous
Dangerous Materials Directive
Strategic Appraisal Directive
Flood Directive
Swimming Water Directive
Water Framework Directive (WFD) 2000/60/E Prenciples
Protecting surface and groundwater by integrated approach
Achieving the determined water quality target for year 2015
Integrated river basin management
Integration of Emission Control and Water Quality approaches
Economical analysis, providing accurate pricing for reasonable and fair water use
Public participation: including public and stakeholders