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aligned with EU necessities and standards. With the project’s components of Technical
Consultancy, Material Procurement, and Twining, the following activities will be realized:
1. With the scope of Technical Consultancy;
Water Directive Monitoring activities on Büyük Menderes River,
Execution of training activities, (methods of sampling, analysis, biologic monitoring, analysis
data evaluation, etc,
Preparation of equipment procurement specification within the scope of material component
2. Within the context of the Material Procurement Component, procurement of material and
equipment for Environmental Reference Laboratory,
3. Within the context of the twinning;
Review of the capacities of Turkish legislative and institutions’ administrative and technical
Organization of trainings to increase institutions’ technical capacities regarding water quality
monitoring studies,
Defining of places and conditions of monitoring stations in 5 pilot basins to be selected,
Evaluation of monitoring outcomes to be obtained by Technical Consultancy Component and
determination of Environmental Quality Standards and Ecological Quality Rates, and
Preparation of detailed integrated monitoring web and program.
Capacity Building to Impalement the Flood Directive
Having been presented within the context of “Institutional Restructuring” for scheduling in 2010
as the 1
component EU-Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), the Project of
Building to Implement the Flood Directive” has been accepted by European Commission.
Within the context of the Project, following studies will be realized:
Defining of alternatives for transforming Flood Directive into Turkey’s legislation
Implementation the objectives of the Directive on a plot basin to be determined
Preparing of the National Implementation Plan to apply the Directive to the country-wide.
Presently, it is decided that a consortium composed of France and Romania is to implement the
project. It is planned that project activities will start as from the beginning of 2012.
Capacity Building on Groundwater Management in Turkey
Fundamental principles of “2006/118/EU Conservation of Groundwater against Pollution and
Degradation in European Union Environmental Chapter are as follows;
Assessing of groundwater aquifers and their characteristics,
Evaluation of chemical condition and quantity condition of groundwater,
Setting out of criteria for good chemical condition and good quantity condition,
Monitoring groundwater,
Specification of polluters and threshold values
Specifying the groundwater conservation areas,
Prevention groundwater from pollution and degradation,
Checking and setting out measures for improving, and
Carrying out the measurement program (Supervision and Sanctions).
Having been presented together by DSI General Directorate and Environment Administration
General Directorate to the 1
component EU-Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) for
scheduling in 2012, the project will comprise the following activities:
Application of Legislative and Institutional Analysis
Application of the Directive on 2 pilot basins to be determined,