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+3. Preparation of application plans,
The project, which is within the projects to be supported by EU, is planned to be applied at the
outset of 2014.
6.2.3. Works with Europe Environment Agency
On 25 February 2003, Turkey has become a member of Europe Environment Agency (EEA)
which was established to provide the EU’s Environmental policies with information and data. The
focal point is the Ministry of Environment and Urban, but DSI General Directorate is the prime
liaison office as regards “Water Amount and Usage”, “Rivers and Lakes”, and “Groundwater”. So
as to fulfill the obligation of the membership, the reports are issued in the form of format
requested by EEA.
6.3. DSİ’s Monitoring Activates on Water Quality
Water Resources are one of the natural resources that heavily subject to environmental pollution
and as it is seen in all over the world, pollution in some basins of Turkey has reached important
size. Thus, the increase in cost of water took place as the result of purification needs. To specify
the effects of pollutant elements on water environment, parameters defining water quality must be
measured properly. Through water quality measurements conducted regularly in a water source, it
is possible to catch the pollution source, time and location besides the effects on water sources by
natural ways and human intervention is determined. In order to strengthen the control mechanism
against water pollution, appropriateness of water parameters to standards are evaluated, mass
carriage in rivers are monitored, preventive measures for water quality protection and control are
taken in advance and finally basic contribution to integrated basin studies is provided.
For its own projects, evaluating through correct and reliable measurement method, storing and
processing of water sources quality works under responsibility of DSİ are continued since 1979.
There are 1308 water quality monitoring stations that 41% are for general objectives, 59% are for
water quality of domestic water supply. Samples are regularly are taken from about 1308 Quality
Observation Stations and analyzed in Central and Regional laboratories.
The measurement frequency and parameter selections in stations are done through present and
planned usage objectives. Forming a monitoring network in all over Turkey in order to define
present water quality and in this way investigating possible effects of planned projects to water
quality are aimed.
6.4. Expropriation
The DSİ General Directorate needs to obtain land properties (real estates) for water and land
resources development projects. Hitherto,
ha of private land having 956,780 real property
have been expropriated. Together with 219,702 ha of land obtained from Treasury and Forestry
lands, the total land owned by DSİ has reached 792,008 ha, which is 1% of the Turkey’s surface
area. This area is equal in size to 20% of the total Netherlands’ surface area, while it is 22% of
According to Expropriation Law No. 2942 (Amended Law No. 4650), expropriation cannot start
without having sufficient budget. When necessary budget has been allocated, value assessment
commissions are established within the DSİ Administration Structure, then the titleholders are
invited to agree on the certain amount. The money is paid within 45 days, in advance and in cash if
the expropriation price is agreed on. If there is no compromise, DSİ goes to the Court and the
price determined by the Court is paid to the landowners within 15 days. During the expropriation
works between 2001 and 2008, objective value appraisal was made on an equitable basis and
equitable consideration. With negotiations between DSİ staff and landowners, the agreement rate