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to move elsewhere is very important.
Almost 350,000 people have been affected by DSİ projects so far. It is estimated that a further
270,000 people will be affected by envisaged projects in the future. Families affected by projects
opting for resettlement by the State may prefer rural or urban resettlement instead of receiving
expropriation money. On the other hand, some solutions are implemented on the agenda in the
form of “movement inside the village boundaries”. In this case, families ask for both the
expropriation money and a loan for the plot of land and housing construction and DSI General
Directorate finance the construction of social and physical infrastructure of the settlements
public buildings.
According to approaches mentioned above, resettlement action plans were prepared for Ilısu dam
and HEPP, Northern Cypress Water Supply Project Alaköprü Dam. Resettlement action plans for
other great projects (Istanbul Water Supply Project Melen Dam) are being prepared.
6.6. Land Consolidation
Land consolidation is one of the most important elements in achieving the expected benefit from
the irrigation projects. If land consolidation is achieved before making an irrigation project on a
land, approximately %40 savings can be provided from expropriation payments and construction
and operation expenditures. By doing so, farmers obtain resource savings in terms of money, time
and labor, therefore profitable operating conditions, commence, and productivity increases in
agriculture. Since land consolidation work also results in some services such as land leveling,
drainage and other on- farm development investments, it helps to establish a modern agricultural
In Turkey, some institutions and organizations can fulfill the land consolidation services. However,
consolidation works done up to now fell proportionately behind the irrigation projects realized by
DSI and there is inadequate benefit from the consolidation projects. Therefore, DSI laid before the
so as to get the land consolidation authorization for its own irrigation projects. As a result,
DSI has taken the required authorization.
Consolidation aims to unite and reregister agricultural lands which are divided due to heritage,
sales, roads, or irrigation channels. Land consolidation is the main measure in an effort to eliminate
land fragmentation and improve the prevailing defective land tenure structure which is primarily
characterized by small holding size, intense land fragmentation, mixed land tenure (i.e., land held in
undivided form and multiple ownerships), lack of farm loads, and irregular shaped plots.
Consolidating fractioned agricultural lands would make measurable difference in the ability of
many to achieve economic self-reliance or food-sufficiency and to provide for increased farm
utilization by reducing the number of plots of land for developing countries.
People Being Affected By Dam Projects and Resettlement
Hitherto, Affected and Resettled Families
In the Future
Resettled Families by State
(not demanding
expropriation money
Families to
be affected
Resettled Families by State via credit
(demanding expropriation money &
land with credit)
People to be