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Land Consolidation
Since 2009, DSI has started to execute consolidation works in the areas to be equipped with
irrigation facilities by State Hydraulic Works pursuant to Soil Conservation and Land Use Law No.
5403 and “Agricultural Land Conservation, Use, and Consolidation Regulation. All related
institutions has consolidated about 3 Million ha area in Turkey as of at the end of 2011. Up until
now, DSI has put out tender and realized 233 865 ha consolidated area. Consolidation works are in
progress. 64,000 ha area will be consolidated in 2010.
Another characteristic of Turkish agriculture is the small farm size. There are just over 3 million
farm households in Turkey. 67% of these farms each owns between 0.1-5 hectares of land, (22%
of total agricultural land), while only 33% of households own more than 5 hectares - comprising
78% of available agricultural land. Therefore, farmers' average income is low.
It is possible for Turkey to compete with other European countries in agriculture by means of
completing land consolidation work and increasing the crop yield per ha. While in EU countries,
average farm size is 16 ha, it is only 6 ha in Turkey; this means that average farm size of 6 ha in
Turkey is not economical operational size. On the other hand, as far as agricultural farm size are
concerned, having fragmented parcels are another problem, the number of parcels for each farm is
over 6, and average parcel size is approximately 1 hectare in Turkey whereas average parcel size is
between 1.8 and 4 ha in EU countries. The realized land consolidation in the irrigation lands of
Turkey is at %10, and this ratio has decreased to %8 when the new projects are taken into account.
Since the land consolidation works are based on voluntary agreement of land owners in Turkey,
the hesitations of the farmers benefiting from the irrigation projects and the encountered problems
in their persuasion process prevent the success of consolidation works.
Aims and Objectives:
In 2010, totally 9 tenders for consolidation works were realized, 6 of which are for land
consolidation tenders and 3 of which are for investigation tenders.
Within an intergovernmental cooperation, A European Union Project “Empowering the
Institutional Capacity for Implementing a Multistage Land Consolidation Program in Turkey”
foreseen to continue 2 years has started to be realized since 2010 by DSI in cooperation with the
Land Office of Holland (Kadaster) and Rural Land Management Office of Holland (DLG)
together with the institutions working on land consolidation in Turkey, that is, the General
Directorate of Agricultural Reform (TRGM) and the General Directorate of Land Registry and
Cadastre (TKGM). Various activities, workshops and meeting have been organized within scope of
the Project to be concluded in 2011. Through the instrumentality of these activities, it is aimed to
gather the related institutions and organizations in Turkey and to determine a country policy on