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Land Consolidation in macro level and to provide the coordination and effective work among the
institutions in micro level.
Instead of paying an expropriation price for canals, facilities, operation buildings, service ways etc.
in the consolidated irrigation projects, DSI proposes a principle in which land owner could agree
to allocate a certain amount of their land to contribute in realization of irrigation facilities. If the
principle based on contribution of land owners at a particular ratio of land as per the size of the
lands to the irrigation projects were adopted;
The expropriation prices of DSI would decrease to the minimum level,
The product pattern will change with the regular irrigation and the revenues would increase.
There would be a %35 saving in the production of the total length of the canals and ways.
The problems of the way appurtenant in irrigations would be removed and social justice will be
The burden of the courts would decrease.
The formerly shapeless and comminuted parcels would be in parallel with the way on one side
and with the irrigation canal on the other side in a shaped form after land consolidation.
6.7. Flood Management Works
Pursuant to duties of responsibilities delineated by “DSI Establishment Law No. 6200” DSI
General Directorate generally implements “structural works” projects in order to mitigate the
effects of torrent harm. Thereto, pursuant to the provisions delineated Law No. 4373 and Law
No. 7269, DSI executes diverse works in every phases of torrent disaster.
Prime Ministry Circular of “Creek Courses and Torrents” numbered 2006/27 has come into force
on the date of publication of Official Gazette No 26284 on 09.09.2006. Another Prime Ministry
Circular of “Improvements of Rivers and Creek Courses” numbered 2010/5 has come into force
on the date of publication of Official Gazette No. 27499 on 20.02.2010.
DSI involves assorted works in the whole process of torrent disaster. Building and operating
protective structures against floods is one of the basic duties and responsibilities of DSI. DSI takes
the necessary precautions and warns the relevant organizations in the event of flood emergencies.
These activities can be classified in two main headings; structural and non-structural measures.
Structural measures
Structural measures are materialized within the context of Small Scale Water Works and Small
Scale Water Works. As of 2010, DSI has constructed 67 flood control dams within the context of
Large Scale Water Works. DSI has constructed 5,851 flood control facilities within the context of
Small Scale Water Works, such us levee, detention dam, groyne, silting weir, check dam, pitching,
stone fill, river training, inundation canal, dwarf wall. Thanks to these flood control facilities, about
1.4 Million ha area has been safeguarded against flood damage.
Non-structural measures:
These studies involve Hydrometric and Meteorological Observation Activities, Preparation of
Flood Inventory, Flood investigations about development Plans. Pursuant to the provisions
delineated by “Law No: 4373 of Protection against the Flood Waters and Inundation” and Law
No: 7269 of Aids and Measurers in Consequence of Primary Disasters effecting General Life”,
DSI implements assorted works in the whole process of torrent disaster. DSI prepares flood plans,
hydrometric and meteorological observation works, flood inventory, and flood surveys as to the
development of resettlement.