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control the erosion and sediment in 39 dams. Investigations towards channel erosion are in
progress on the 8 dams of Aydın-Kemer, Aydın-İkizdere, Denizli-Cindere, Kahramanmaraş-
Kartalkaya, Kahramanmaraş-Ayvalı, Bursa-Nilüfer, Konya- Altınapa, Sivas-Çamlıgöze.
Afforestation works on dam reservoirs:
Until 2003, DSI General Directorate has planted trees in 50,000 ha in watershed areas, property
belonging to DSI or in watershed in which the right of easement or the right of access secured.
To plant in the watershed areas, to extend the life of reservoirs, to control erosion, to augment the
green areas, and the ensure the balance on water-soil-plant, DSI General Directorates has initiated
“Afforestation in Watershed Areas Project” in investment program of energy sector in 2002.
A cooperation protocol has been signed in 2003 amongst DSI General Directorates, Erosion
Control General Directorate, and Forestry General Directorate. Within this cooperation, 21.5
Million saplings have been planted in 16,000 ha area between the 4 years (2004-2007.
Thereto, the Ministry has launched “National Afforestation and Erosion Control Action Plan” for
the years of 2008-2012. Total 15,000 ha is planned to be afforested in 4 years (2008-2012) in which
7,000 ha afforestation is targeted in the first 2 years (2008-2010) and 8,000 ha in the following 2
years (2010-2012).
To this end, between 2008 and 2010, 12 Million saplings have been planted in 9,500 ha area. Areas
planted with trees also serve as public promenades and picnic areas. Afforestation works are
continuing. In brief, 34 Million saplings have been planted in 25,500 ha area between 2003-2010.
Using erosion control techniques will protect water and soil resources, thus more green country
will be handed down to future generations. Afforestation work and creation of recreation facilities
by DSI aim at prevention of erosion, decreasing the sediment amount deposited in dams through
rivers, restoring the environment of dam basins and their catchments.
Afforestation Works in reservoirs of 32 dams and 17 small dams have been over. Afforestation
Works by DSI are in progress in the dams of Afşar, Beydağ, Kapulukaya, Kesikköprü, Bayındır,
Yedikır, Keban, Batman, Süloğlu, Altınyazı, Kayalıköy, Kırklareli, Karaidemir, Karacalar, Atatürk,
Ayvalı, Kılavuzlu, Çamgazi, Çaygören ve Manyas.