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7.1.2. e-DSİ
Today, in addition to produce information, it is very important to access it and to use it efficiently
for increasing the competitiveness and the development of the countries in our global world.
Within the process of e-state, monitoring, assessment and evaluation in specific stages and on the
configuration of information systems compliant to the Vision of the Organization should be
made and new targets and activities should be detected according to the results.
E-state can be defined as the course of realizing the cultural exchange needed for the new
workflow type and of ensuring efficiency, productivity and cost saving by transfering the business
process to electronic environment in line with the business purpose of of the institution. In
parallel with this approach, speed that is one of the characteristic of the internet era becomes very
important when working for producing the maximum value with minimum cost. So, e-state that
will perform the cultural exchange needed for the new workflow of the institution, will be the
tool to be used as the best way and to be benefited for managing and making use of technology
at maximum level.
In this context, DSI has started the studies for installing the in-company management
information network topology that is the most important element for e-state (e-dsi) by
determining the e-transform programme and has completed and put the misnet programme
consisting 8 modules into service. In addition to the pay roll, personnel (assignment, promotion,
staff, etc.) budget, investment, stock, purchasing, inventory stock and machine operating modules
of the programme, electronic signature aided document and archive management are also used.
The integrity of the studies has been provided throughout DSI by increasing the speed of the
metro ethernet link speed of the Regional Directorates.
The servers loaded with the softwares which helps to filter the internet output and with the
servers loaded with antivirus programme which checks the e-mails in terms of virus and spams
have been put into use. The electronic mail service is ensured via 6 servers in a secure way.
Information technologies have been ensured to be recognized and used by the whole
organization by organizing courses and seminars on the needed subjects. Wireless network
connection system has been set up and put into use in the appropriate places. Classical
telephones via DSI internet network and VoIP telephone system enabling communication among
the Regions one another and with the General Directorate have been put into use. This service
has provided savings in telephone calls that is %25 proportionately. By using video conference
systems among General and Regional Directorates via DSI intranet, a sum of saving has been
made in terms of time and cost on subjects such as monitoring the meetings, seminars,
presentations, training and investment. Thanks to this system, video conferences in SD and HD
quality can be made among many places simultaneously. In addition, DSI public houses have also
been included in the intranet for benefiting from the labor potential of the managers during their
time offs.
7.1.3. Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS)
The use of new technologies in DSİ activities is important to be able to develop the country’s
water resources in more effective and efficient manner. Most engineering and related disciplines
as well as water resources planning and management which are main study subjects intensively
necessitate GIS. The geographical information existing only in classical maps, reports, and other
similar environments slows to analyze the information even precludes it.