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By using GIS, observations, analysis, research, and production outcomes once stored in paper
and individual data base will be stored in digital data base in which data will be accessed and
analyzed quickly, efficiently, rationally, and interactively in detail in terms of research and
As in all developed countries, Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (RS&GIS)
are to be utilized in natural resources planning and management. Within this context, the Section
Directorate of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information under the Investigation and
Planning Department have been established since 1998 in order to use RS&GIS activities
rationally in DSİ. The Section Directorate of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information has
been affiliated to the Technology Department in 2009.
To generalize the applications of GIS in DSI and to use as an active tool in DSI activities, diverse
activities amongst Departments and Regional Directorates put into practice such as obtaining
base geographical data, training, and application of GIS projects together.
One of the important steps in generalizing the applications of GIS is training for DSI staff to use
the software. In this context, 961 people have been trained by courses organized until July 2011.
Data Procurement and Infrastructure Works:
Procurement of digital base maps and attribute
data is crucial in GIS Works. Especially 1/25000-1/500000 scaled maps produced by General
Command of Mapping are used as base data source and base maps in Works of all public
institutions. In this context 1/25000-1/500000 scaled raster maps (scanned and coordinated
topographic maps) and digital rector maps as well as discarded maps of 1/250.000 scaled raster
and digital vector have been secured form General Command of Mapping to use in DSI studies.
In cooperation with DSI Regional Directorates, “Regional Site Plans” in which DSI Region
Actions take place, have been prepared in 1/100 000 in GIS environment. The completion of
incomplete data and merging into the common database are in progress in cooperation with DSI
Regional Directorates. The places of Hydroelectric Energy Generation Facilities applied by
private companies pursuant to Law No. 4628 has been put into GIS at 1/25 000 scale.
Having obtained permission from General Command of Mapping, DSİ General Directorate has
executed the digitization of the 1/1 000 000 Scaled Hydrology Stratums” in GIS environment.
These digitized maps have been started to be utilized in DSİ General Directorate works since
April 2008. Within the context of these digitization work, the following stratums have been
digitized in GIS environment.
Rivers (Linear and Area)
Natural Lakes,
Dams, Small Dams, Dikes,
Upstream (Springs, catchment),
Pollutant Points (Factory, Pits)
Built Environments (Point and Area),
Wetlands (Moors and Marshes),
Highway and Bridges.
Dams, Hydroelectric Plants and Irrigation Facilities WEB Presentation