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3 Dimensional View of Çine Basin obtained by adjusting Ikonos Satellite view with Numerical Land Model (the
determination of submerged land depending on water elevation)
Existing 1/25.000 scaled contour data and scanned and coordinated raster data have been
procured and started to use. To execute DSI reconnaissance, master plan, and planning works as
well as GIS applications in computer, “Basic Electronic Map Archive” have been completed by
securing basic data required.
Facilities constructed by DSI has been designed in 18 main layers named “Region Site Plan”, thus
GIS data have been collected by DSI Central and Regional offices on their own sources. These
GIS data from diverse sources produced for years in diverse formats and diverse archives have
been collected and conveyed digital medium.
To use efficiently data needed in DSI activities, GIS data base design covering all GIS works in
DSI has been finished by analyzing current GIS software, hardware, and data sets since certain
phase has been achieved in producing and securing GIS data.
GIS Applications and Software works:
On securing data required in DSI works, the data is to
be presented to DSI staff and other institutions. After finishing data base design on DSI
activities, GIS software applications has been prepared first in DSI local web base then presented
to users.
DSI-GIS Institutional Presentation and Sharing layer
Energy.NET Applicaiton